CCIDA Provides Loan to Assist with Purchase of Dahlstrom Roll Form

May 21, 2024 • CCIDA Press Releases,

May 21, 2024

CCIDA Press Releases,

Board also Approves Loan for Equipment Purchase at Dunkirk Metal Products

Pictured: Brad Renwick (left) and Jeremy Blum are the new owners of Dahlstrom Roll Form in Falconer, NY, thanks in part to a recently approved loan by the County of Chautauqua Industrial Development Agency’s board of directors during its April 21, 2024 meeting.

JAMESTOWN, N.Y.: — At its May 21, 2024 meeting, the County of Chautauqua Industrial Development Agency (CCIDA) Board of Directors approved two loans involving local manufacturers in Falconer and Sheridan. One loan will assist with the purchase of Lakeside Capital Corporation, doing business as Dahlstrom Roll Form. The other loan will assist with the purchase of equipment at Dunkirk Metal Products of WNY, LLC (DMP). The loans will not only help to retain 79 jobs between the two manufacturers, but also create four new positions.

The loan for Dahlstrom Roll Form was $900,000 and will go to Jeremy Blum, current Chief Executive Officer of the company, and Brad Renwick, the current Chief Operations Officer. The two will use the loan to assist with the purchase of the company from Robert White, its current president.

Dahlstrom Roll Form has a long and storied history in the greater Jamestown area. It was founded in 1904 by Charles Dahlstrom, a Swedish immigrant, as the Dahlstrom Metallic Door Company and initially made doors for large-scale buildings across the United States, including the construction of the Empire State Building. It eventually expanded its metallic roll form operation to meet other needs.

Changes in ownership have occurred over the years, with White purchasing the operation in 2007. In 2019, Dahlstrom Roll Form purchased DC Roll Form at 221 Lister Ave., in Falconer, with financial assistance from the CCIDA through a mortgage recording tax exemption. In 2022, the company fully moved into the new location.

By keeping the company locally owned, the move will help to retain 43 jobs and create two additional positions.

Mark Geise, Deputy County Executive for Economic Development and Chief Executive Officer of the CCIDA, said keeping ownership local will help to ensure the company continues to operate in Chautauqua County for years and decades to come.

“It is essential that the CCIDA supports local manufacturers, such as Dahlstrom Roll Form, especially when that assistance results in local ownership,” Geise said. “Robert White has been terrific in ensuring the company remains locally-owned and competitive on the global stage, and I have every confidence that Jeremy and Brad, as well as their tremendous workforce, will do the same.”

“We are thankful for the support and assistance from the CCIDA in helping us make this purchase,” Blum and Renwick said in a joint statement. “We look forward to our continued involvement at Dahlstrom Roll Form as the new owners and will work to continue the strong manufacturing legacy the company has secured in the greater Jamestown area and Chautauqua County.”

“Dahlstrom Roll Form has a storied manufacturing legacy in Chautauqua County and it’s great to see that continue with the new ownership, who will help provide stable, good-paying jobs to our residents,” said PJ Wendel, Chautauqua County Executive. “Congratulations to Mr. Blum and Mr. Renwick in their roles as new owners, and thank you to Mr. White for helping to build on and preserve the Dahlstrom legacy with his decision to move to a newer, more modern facility a short time ago. This support by the CCIDA illustrates the important role the agency plays in our local economy.”

The loan for DMP (3575 Chadwick Drive) was for $280,000 and will be used to help with the purchase of a Tube Laser Cutting System. DMP is a metal fabricator and has been in existence in Chautauqua County since 2012, along with its predecessor entities going back to the 1940s. It provides quality parts primarily in Western New York and Northeastern Pennsylvania. The new laser machine is a newer technology with specialized applications for different tube cutting applications (round, square, oval, etc.).

The new equipment will help to retain 36 jobs and create two new positions at DMP.

“We’ve assessed the local marketplace and feel the new equipment will provide an excellent opportunity for cost savings and business growth,” said Jean Gaulin, DMP partner and CFO. “Establishing and growing this segment of the business will be a primary focus over the next three years and beyond.”

 “We’re happy to assist DMP with the purchase of this new equipment,” Giese said. “Dunkirk Metal Products has proven to be a valuable employer for dozens of workers in the North County and this loan from the IDA will help ensure it remains that way in the coming years.”

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About Dahlstrom Roll Form: Dahlstrom manufactures custom roll formed metal components. Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) make up about 90% of the company’s revenue. Current OEM segments include power distribution, elevator/escalators, refrigerated food storage, HVAC, industrial reels, solar mounting systems, commercial door/frame/windows, and parts for trucks, buses and rail. Architectural moldings have a 115 year history with Dahlstrom and are the fastest growing portion of their business. More info at

About Dunkirk Metal Products: DMP is a precision sheet metal fabrication and stamping company founded in 1947 and centrally located among various northeast industrial centers including: Buffalo, NY, Rochester, NY, Pittsburgh, PA, Cleveland, OH, Columbus, OH and Toronto, Canada. Services include CNC laser cutting, CNC turret press punching, CNC brake press bending and forming, precision sheet metal stamping, MIG welding, TIG welding and other metal related services all monitored and controlled by a seasoned engineering and quality control staff. More info at