Projects & Initiatives


CCPEG focuses on advancing priority projects in alignment with the Economic Development Strategy.

Agricultural Development and Enhancement Strategy

The Agriculture Development and Enhancement Strategy was officially completed in 2022.  It was unanimously approved by the legislature in May, and final approval was given by the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets in August.  The plan is intended to support farmers and enhance profitability, but also a strategy for County leadership to identify opportunities and provide guidance in municipal planning in agriculture.  Over the next 10 years, the Chautauqua County Department of Planning & Development hopes to partner with other agencies around the county to implement the top priority recommendations.

Business Assistance for Improving Workplace Culture

Utilizing funding from the County’s ARPA award, this collaborative project with CCIDA, the Small Business Development Center at Jamestown Community College, and the Chautauqua County Chamber of Commerce offered grants of up to $10,000 for marketing assistance to small businesses. To date, almost 80 companies have been assisted through this program, which was also the recipient of Ralph Wilson Jr. Foundation funding. The CCIDA/CCPEG also worked with Invest Buffalo Niagara to assist 6 local Stage 2 companies to take advantage of their Economic Gardening Program. The County also worked with Instyte consulting to develop an ESG self-assessment tool to allow companies to improve their workplace culture.

Chadakoin River Activation

The goal of this project is to activate Jamestown’s waterfront and maximize visitation in the river corridor and basin areas, leading to increased economic activity in and around downtown Jamestown.  With funding secured, preparation for the initial stage of activation has begun. In addition, in collaboration with partners, CCPEG applied for funding for both shoreline stabilization efforts and to cover inflationary cost increases for Phase I projects.  Several events are held in the basin area each year, drawing thousands of people to the space, increasing public awareness of the area and providing information on infrastructure needs in the future. 

Visit the Chadakoin River Activation Website to Learn More

Consolidated Code Administration and Enforcement Feasibility Study

This project is meant to better understand current conditions in code enforcement across the county and develop strategies for improving code enforcement on a county-wide scale.  The consultant firm CGR has been hired to start exploring the idea of consolidating or improving zoning and building code administration and enforcement, as well as, further look into the county’s housing court and possible improvements moving forward.  Contract approval is underway, with plans to begin in early 2023.

Craft Beverage, Wine, and Ecotourism Marketing Initiative

CCPEG applied for and was awarded $75,000 from ESD to prepare and implement a strategic plan to increase brand awareness of Chautauqua County as a tourism destination.  Chautauqua County has many tourism draws, including craft beer, wine, cider, and distilled spirits, as well as outdoor and water sports, arts, comedy, music and other cultural events, and historic architecture, industrial, and agricultural assets. This project will brand and market our county’s many assets with the goal of drawing new visitors and increasing the frequency and length of visits in order to maximize economic impact.

Development-Ready Site Preparedness Initiative

This project seeks to improve the inventory of sites for development as well as prepare critical infrastructure for economic development purposes. The strategy includes efforts to prioritize investment in strategic greenfield sites to enhance the County’s ability to market them to businesses looking to locate or expand within the region. It also includes the identification and analysis of known or suspected brownfields, and the development of tools necessary to remediate, market, and redevelop them into economically productive uses. The County and CCIDA made tremendous progress in 2022 and 2023 by securing more than $10 million in funding resources to acquire and develop a new 140 acre industrial park in the county. The CCIDA was also awarded a $600,000 grant from the US EPA to establish a Revolving Loan Fund (RLF) for brownfield remediation and redevelopment.

Dunkirk Downtown Revitalization Initiative (DRI)

CCPEG provided assistance to the City of Dunkirk for the development of a Downtown Revitalization Initiative proposal to the WNY Regional Economic Development Council (REDC).  CCPEG also provided technical assistance and resources to identify, conceptualize, develop, and design projects obtained within the application, as well as assistance in producing a video presentation to the REDC.  If awarded, NYS will provide $10 million to the City of Dunkirk to aid in public and private projects that capitalize on Dunkirk’s waterfront and downtown.

Housing Market Action Plan

This study was designed as a tool to attract investment and development of certain housing types in targeted areas of the county. A Request for Proposals (RFP) was released in November 2022 and MRB Group was selected and secured in early 2023 as the project consultant, with Phase I completed at the end of 2023. This phase involves an inventory and analysis of county-wide housing to establish a better understanding of our county’s current housing stock and identify gaps within our housing market. Phase II was the actual release of the report in March 2024

NRG Reuse Alternatives and Feasibility Study

After being awarded funding from the NYSERDA Just Transition program, CCPEG continues to work in partnership with the CCIDA, City of Dunkirk, NYSERDA, NRG, and Bergmann Associates to collect building and site infrastructure data to understand the best uses for the site and better develop and inform the Phase II Study. This study is intended to identify viable alternatives for site reuse by leveraging its site assets and its geographic location on the shore of Lake Erie.

Talent Attraction and Retention Initiative

This workforce development initiative is to establish and implement a cohesive talent recruitment and retention marketing strategy and campaign, which focuses on the unique and exceptional quality of life here in Chautauqua County. Two accomplished firms have been hired in December for both the campaign and a web development project that includes a dedicated campaign website and new and improved sites for CCIDA, CCPEG, and CREDC.  During each season in 2022, content was collected to be used for the campaign that will highlight a well-lived life and encapsulate and define a Chautauqua County lifestyle. Some of that content, including video, photography, original art, and copy, is being trickled out within a campaign currently called Live CHQ.

Tourism Transportation Shuttle

In partnership with the Chautauqua Area Regional Transit System (CARTS), the County, CCPEG, and tourism stakeholders are working collaboratively to develop a tourism transportation system and marketing/branding plan utilizing the new CARTS trolley buses. CARTS will be rebranded as CHQ Transit, with three trolley-style buses being rolled out in 2023, exclusively for tourism transportation.  These trolley buses will better connect tourism accommodations and destinations, extending visitor stays, increasing spending, and improving overall visitor experiences.

Trail Maintenance, Marketing, and Development

The county’s trails organizations have come together to develop an official Friends of the Chautauqua County Greenways group to work collaboratively to apply for larger grant funding opportunities to maintain, market, and develop trails.

In 2024, FCCG worked to develop a County-wide online and interactive Trails and Recreation Map, which was currently lacking in the county. CCPEG received Sheldon Foundation funding to hire a consultant to determine the best organizational structure for the group.

CCPEG will be hosting the Friends of the Greenways Group to coordinate efforts going forward, and has secured occupancy tax resources to hire a part time contractual employee to manage trail development/outdoor recreation projects and collaborations.

Village of Mayville Strategic Waterfront Activation Master Plan

CCPEG supported the Village of Mayville in applying for $675,000 in LWRP funding for three of 13 priority projects included in the master plan.  These projects include Chautauqua Bell gateway improvements, a new kayak launch, and a waterfront pedestrian and bicycle trail. The objective of this project is to revitalize the Village’s waterfront area, expanding recreational opportunities for residents and visitors, spurring economic growth within the community.