Ohio Native Finds Her Niche in Jamestown

Meet Alyssa Porter, who moved to Chautauqua County from northeast Ohio.

“There are aspects of the places I lived in while in Ohio that are similar to Chautauqua County but I fell in love with Jamestown the first time I visited. I have found a community in Jamestown that truly cares about one another and there is such great opportunity to get involved in our community,” She says.

Alyssa moved here to take over the position of Director of Community Education and Youth Programs at Chautauqua Institution. Chautauqua Institution is one of the premier destinations in the County.

When she’s is not busy at work Alyssa says, “One of my favorite things about our County is the extensive, rich outdoor recreation opportunities. I love being in nature and especially the chance to do that in all four seasons.”

Alyssa also enjoys participating in the local arts community.

“Some of my favorites are Pearl City Clay House, Chautauqua Art Gallery, Sukanya Burman Dance Company, Roger Tory Peterson Institute, and Lucille Ball Little Theatre. In the summer, I also love spending Saturday afternoons downtown at the Public Market,” She says. 

She also enjoys visiting the wide variety of local businesses and shops, both downtown and across the entire city.

“In addition to going to all of the places I’ve already mentioned, Chautauqua Comics is one of my favorite places to spend my free time browsing, buying, and talking about comics. I also spend a lot of time drinking coffee while reading, writing, or working on crafts. My favorite three coffee shops right now are Labyrinth Press Company, Crown Street Roasting Company, and Ryders Cup (in nearby Lakewood),” she says.

When asked what ae some of her favorite destinations outside of her community, but in the County, she said, “There are so many great places to visit, it’s hard to choose! A few of my favorite places to visit that I hope to get to more often this year are Panama Rocks, Barcelona Harbor Beach, HFM Emporium and Flea Market at Dart Airport just outside of Mayville, the Upper Crust Bakery in Fredonia, and The Parkview Restaurant in Westfield.”

“Chautauqua County has a little bit of everything with mostly mild weather, relatively affordable cost of living, and opportunities to grow when we work together. It is easy to find your community and connect with people who share your interests,” she says, adding, “I don’t see many other places where I would consider community, in the broadest and deepest senses of the word, to be an area’s top strength. But here in Chautauqua County, that is definitely true.”

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