‘It Absolutely Seems Like Fate’ for Local Dentist Living in Panama, NY

For some people, Chautauqua County is a vacation destination filled with opportunities for outdoor fun, local attractions and exciting culinary experiences. Others have been born and raised here, calling the area “home.” However, a third group of folks visit the area and return to put down roots, delving headlong into the community and appreciating what the county has to offer on a more permanent basis. Josh Hutter is one of those people who visited as a youth and found himself drawn back to Chautauqua County as a resident. 

Joshua Hutter: Chautauqua County Dentist living in Panama, NY

Josh is a Staff Dentist with The Chautauqua Center, a fellow with the International College of Dentists, an American College of Dentists Fellow, a NY State Dental Association delegate and a member of the Eighth District Dental Society Executive Council

He said he often vacationed in the area during the summer as a child, and he decided to move to Panama, NY.  Josh was amazed by the scenery in the county and the kindness of the community members he met. 

“Everyone seemed to be so welcoming and overall happy – manners and common courtesy abound,” Josh said. “This is a rare thing to find nowadays.”

Josh has lived in various places in Western New York, including North Tonawanda, West Seneca and Downtown Buffalo. He also lived in Chicago for his dental residency. Overall, when comparing Chautauqua County to other places he has lived in, Josh said he has noticed that residents are more kind and engaging.

“There’s a sense of calm and not feeling rushed,” he said. “Plus, I enjoy outdoor activities and there is so much to see and do. I’m not sure I’ll be able to cross everything off my bucket list. I love the people – everyone is so kind and welcoming. It reminds me of how life used to be – friends and even strangers looking out for each other and offering a hand.”

Living in Panama, Josh said he loves enjoying the natural beauty of Panama Rocks. He notes he also enjoys the various breweries and vineyards in the county, and visiting Chautauqua Lake to spend time reading a good book or music. 

Despite being a more rural area, Josh has found there is plenty to do in the county. From museums and eateries to natural wonders – Chautauqua County has a lot to offer.

“I have a blast visiting the National Comedy Center, the Audubon Community Nature Center, Southern Tier Brewery and Long Point State Park,” he said.

Josh has created strong ties in the community and said he has no plans of leaving any time soon.

“I surely don’t see myself living anywhere else,” he said. “Moving to the area fell in my lap and it absolutely seems like fate. I’m so grateful to be here.”

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