CHQ Attractions Drone Tour: Audubon Community Nature Center in Jamestown, NY

There are countless reasons to enjoy living in Chautauqua County, including the many attractions found within our various communities. This week we are sharing a virtual tour of the the Audubon Community Nature Center in Jamestown, NY. Footage courtesy of our partners at the Chautauqua County Visitors Bureau.

Located at 1600 Riverside Rd just outside of Jamestown, the Audubon Community Nature Center (ACNC) is a sanctuary for nature lovers and wildlife fanatics. The center is open year-round, and each season offers something new. ACNC offers a wide range of activities and educational programs designed to inspire and inform visitors of all ages about the natural world

At ACNC, visitors can explore over five miles of elegantly maintained trails that wind through diverse habitats including wetlands, forests, and meadows. These trails offer an excellent opportunity for hiking, birdwatching, and simply enjoying the serenity of nature. The centers diverse ecosystems are home to a variety of wildlife providing more than enough opportunities for photography and observation.

ACNC is also dedicated to environmental education. It offers a variety of programs for children, families, and adults. From guided nature walks and interactive exhibits to workshops and lectures, ACNC provides engaging learning experiences that promote a further understanding of the natural world. Their educational programs are designed to be both fun and informative to all.

ACNC hosts numerous events throughout the year, including festivals, bird counts, and volunteer opportunities. These evens bring the community all together to celebrate and support conservation efforts. The center’s calendar is packed full of activities that encourage public engagement and embrace a sense of community around environmental supervision.

Learn more by visiting Audubon Community Nature Center’s website or visiting in person during the hours its open to the public.